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Hello! It's June in New York City (my home for the next month) and I'm just confused why yesterday was 55 and rainy and today was 60, because next week is going to be 90?! Anyways, while packing for New York I didn't take in account any cold fronts. I guess I didn't properly pack. I would recommend when traveling to pack a lightweight jacket that can be worn with multiple things.

I am all about off the shoulder tops, they are cute, versatile and comfy! The only thing is they are difficult and ~not~ comfy to wear with any jacket. Today I paired a white off the shoulder top from Nordstrom with black jeans that have a white stripe down the side from AG Jeans. For shoes I went with my snakeskin print Sam Edelman booties and a necklace by my jewelry line Madison's Jewels. I love black and white, so an easy go-to outfit for me is matching black and white. I can't wait to share more posts during my internship in Manhattan. Have a great day! 
Madison Jules

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